Q: Do you use laser or IPL and what is the difference?

A: We only use genuine Candela Lasers for your treatments, not IPL. Experience shows that when combined with highly trained therapists, your results with our lasers are outstanding.

Our lasers operate at the optimal hair removal wavelength of 755nm to target the hair follicle.

Q: Is laser hair removal painful?

A: You will be able to feel the treatment but it should not be any more uncomfortable than waxing, in fact most of our clients tell us that laser is more comfortable, and quicker than waxing.

If you are unsure, please arrange a complimentary consultation and test patch so you can feel the laser on your skin and decide if it’s right for you.

Q: Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

A: Laser does not work on blonde, red, grey, white or very light hair colours. If your hair is a combination of these colours, laser will not work for you. Laser works best for clients with light skin and dark hair. With our experience, we can safely treat clients with darker skin types so please book a consultation so we can discuss your needs.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Our clients generally achieve 80-90% reduction within 6-8 treatments. The “uniqueness of you” is a factor that will determine the number of treatments you require. Factors affecting your results include hereditary conditions, ethnicity, hormonal concerns, medications, lifestyle factors etc. We do our best to achieve results but ultimately your body will determine how many treatments you will need.

Q: Will my results be permanent?

A: Your body is covered in millions of dormant hair follicles. While these follicles are dormant, the laser will not treat them. Over your lifetime, these follicles may be stimulated to begin producing hair. Our clients will often finish their course of treatments and return every 6-12 months for a top up treatment on any new growth.

Q: Why are some clinics more expensive than others?

Cheaper does not equal better. To offer a safe, effective treatment giving you outstanding results requires a partnership of:

• Exceptionally trained, highly experienced laser therapists

• Top of the line laser equipment

• Safe laser practices and compliance to safety regulations

• Hygienic cleaning of laser consumables between each client

• Regular servicing and maintenance of the laser to ensure calibration is true and effective

To provide exceptionally high standards costs money. To offer a ‘cheaper than chips’ treatment means compromising somewhere along the line, something that we simply cannot do whilst still maintaining integrity and providing you with the very best and safest treatment.

Q: I had a blister from another salon and they told me this was normal. Is this true?

A: Generally speaking, there is a risk of these things happening with any heat- based treatments, but it should not be happening so regularly as to call it a “normal” reaction. Make sure the clinic or salon you’ve chosen have a proven track record of safety and invest in a high level of staff training.

You as the client also have the responsibility of following pre and post care treatment protocols, as this will ensure your skin is well prepared for the treatment and reduce your risk of any more severe side effects.