More in-depth than any other skin consultation you’ve experienced, our skin analysis goes beyond simply selling you a pile of skin care and recommending an endless list of treatments. We help you understand how your skin works and how to get results both in and out of the clinic.

For us it’s skin first, skin care second. Because we can’t guide you to healthy skin without first knowing your skin.

We get to know YOU!

Once we know the cause of your skins condition, we create your unique program to repair your skin and give you real results.

You will leave feeling confident, empowered with knowledge, feeling that you are in the very best of hands.


Emerging Senior Principal
Advanced Skin Analysis N/A $139 $199

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By curating bespoke facials, completely unique to you and your skin, you know that every single visit, you are getting exactly what your skin needs, not just the same old facial everyone else gets!

Built for you from the ground up, we create endless combinations of treatments, meaning no two facials are the same. Your skin is constantly changing and so should your facial.

But we get it, too much choice can be overwhelming, so we’ve curated 4 foundation Facials.

Giving you the freedom to choose how much to invest both in time and money, your skin therapist will work within that guideline to create your unique facial each and every visit.

Each facial includes a customised double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, extractions if needed, a bespoke serum infusion, spine tingling massage and tailor made mask.

Starting with a brief discussion to track your skin between visits, your therapist will then curate the most skin loving facial you’ve ever had!

Level 1

40 mins

Ideal if your are short on time but need some skin love. Level 1 gives your skin a boost of active ingredients to support a healthy skin barrier. This facial includes a customised cream based mask.

Level 2

50 mins

Hands down our most popular facial. Focusing on transforming your skin. We will focus on how your skin is functioning and work to create cellular changes. With more at her fingertips, your therapist can tailor a treatment that will leave your skin renewed and your mind and body feeling completely refreshed.

Level 3

70 mins

The crème de la crème of facials, Level 3 allows your skin therapist to include MAX+ light therapy combined with advanced ingredients to create significant changes in your skin. With multiple serum infusion, the opportunities for target specific skin concerns are endless.

With time to really relax and unwind in the care of expert, pampering hands, you will wake (we dare you to not fall asleep!) from this facial completely restored.

Level 4

80 mins

The connoisseur’s facial of facials, the Level 4 facial focuses on active ingredient delivery maximum cellular hydration, detoxification and intensive skin rejuvenation.

With a foot and leg massage whilst your skin is drenched in LED light and two customised masks to supply serious skin nourishment and barrier support, this facial is the ultimate combination of intense skin restoration and complete soul revival. So relaxing that snoring is expected and encouraged.


Treatment Emerging Senior Principal
Level 1 $135 $155 N/A
Level 2 $165 $185 $225
Level 3 $195 $215 $255
Level 4 $245 $265 $315

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This facial treatment Includes a double cleanse, and activated enzyme treatment followed by customised serum application. We finish your facial with a leave on antioxidant mask to continue the skin love even after the treatment ends.

Supercharged Enzyme

Want to supercharge your enzymes? Upgrade your treatment to include our enzyme boosters. 
Our Enzyme boosters enhance the result of your enzyme facial, specifically if you have more advanced concerns or want to elevate your results.

Acne Boost: to clear and refine pores

Barrier Boost: to reduce inflammation and support skin barrier

Detoxify Boost: for clarification and purification

Antioxidant Boost: for ultimate cell vitality


Emerging Senior Principal
Enzyme Therapy $95 $115 $155
Enzyme Booster $25 +$25 +$25

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Our back treatments tame pesky pimples, revitalise often neglegted skin and help you to glow all over. With our treatments designed to thoroughly cleanse, hydrate and nourish your skin and focus on areas that you may find hard to reach, we show your back the same kinda love as if we were working on your face.

Level 1
30 minutes

Focusing on thoroughly cleansing your skin, we activate enzymes to decongest pores and calm inflammation. Just like the enzyme treatment for your face, this treatment focuses on thoroughly cleansing your skin, decongesting pores and reducing inflammation linked to breakouts.

Level 2
40 minutes

After a thorough double cleanse to create a healthy skin canvas, we activate enzymes to decongest pores and calm inflammation. Extractions are performed on blocked pores to help clear the skin before applying a healing and clarifying kaolin clay Mask.

*Upgrade your back facial with an added enzyme booster for $24


Emerging Senior Principal
Back Therapy Level 1 $149 $169 N/A
Back Therapy Level 2 $195 $215 N/A

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MAX-LED Therapy

Completely UV free, specific light wavelengths penetrate below your skins surface, to stimulate intercellular communication and recharge the energy centre of each cell.

MAX L.E.D is the perfect skin saver and is incredible for reducing inflammation, is kryptonite to acne, stimulates collagen production, hydrates deeper layers and restores perfect balance to your skin.

LED is safe for all skin types and conditions and is integral to restoring impaired, sluggish, inflamed skin conditions. We liken it to a vitamin for your skin as it works to reduce oxidative stress caused by cells respiration.

We use a MAX+LED machine- known for wavelength precision (vital for true cellular rejuvenation) and cellular response time. We’ve fondly nicknamed him MAX and we invite you to get acquainted ;)


Emerging Senior Principal
Moment with Max $115 $135 $175
MAX+ LED Advanced Facial $165 $185 $225
Add MAX+ N/A $64 $64

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Activating your bodies own Qi energy stimulates skin into cellular homeostasis = all cells working in harmony.

We love this treatment for is ability to:

  • increase skin hydration
  • create extra volume and lift
  • soften lines
  • reduce redness and inflammation
  • strengthen and restore the skin barrier
  • revitalise tired skin
  • restore damaged skin
  • brighten an uneven complexion and even out skin tone
  • support sensitive skin.

With a visible change immediately after your facial, you can see and feel it working instantly and the benefits continue long after your treatment.

How does it work?

Upon consultation with you, Your therapist will apply your unique Qi magnet matrix in a pattern specific to your needs. Each matrix uses 1000 or more 24 carat gold-plated qi micro-magnetic spheres placed delicately on your skin with featherlight touch. Both beautiful and effective, each facial in your series will enhance the previous to continue to activate and reprogram your skin.

During your treatment we target areas that need a little extra volume and lift to create facial symmetry and balance. You will also see a more even tone and firmness as we restore cellular homeostasis. Immediately, skin cells are more energetic in response to the magnets’ stimulation, creating increased pathways for nutrient absorption and uptake of active ingredients. The skin is more plump and hydrated, puffiness drained and lines appear diminished.

Your skin remains stimulated for several hours after each treatment and your results can be extended and supported with Qi Beauty @home- an easily applied home treatment with a customised magnet matrix created by your skin therapist. 


Emerging Senior Principal
Qi Energizing Facial N/A $249 $289
Qi Energizing Advanced N/A $299 $329
Qi Energizing Facial Series* N/A $1299 $1429
Qi Energizing Advanced Series N/A $1499 $1745

Each Qi Energizing Treatments Series includes 6 treatments

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Collagen Induction Therapy

We love this treatment for acne scarring, congestion, enlarged pores, pigmentation concerns, signs of skin ageing, wrinkle reduction, stretch marks, skin tightening and to improve overall skin tone and texture. Fine lines will be improved and you will discover a renewed firmness to the skin.

Depending on your individual needs, we recommend having a course of 4-6 in-clinic treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. In conjunction with your course of needling, we recommend rolling at home 2-3 times per week as a part of your CIT preparation and continued home skin care routine.

Your in-clinic-treatment includes our anti-inflammatory microbiome mask to rapidly trigger the healing process and facial kit to take home to assist in your skin recovery post treatment.

Skin preparation is required for this advanced treatment. Your best treatment plan will be discussed during your advanced skin analysis.


Emerging Senior Principal
CIT Treatment N/A $399 $439
CIT Advanced N/A $475 $515
CIT Treatment Series* N/A $1449 $1669
CIT Advanced Series* N/A $1699 $1899

*includes 4x home facial kits.

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Laser uses a specific wavelength of light to target each skin concern, using heat to break down the offending cells. This may help to reduce capillaries and lighten pigmentation marks. The result is clearer, brighter skin that is more even in colour.

Due to the nature of pigmentation production, preparation with specific skin care is required for this treatment. We often recommend a combination of our treatments to ensure we are tackling all facets of pigmentation. This will minimise side effects and provide you with the best possible result.

Your preparation and treatment suitability will vary depending on your skins condition and concern.

This will be determined in your advanced skin analysis.


Emerging Senior Principal
Full Face Rejuvenation N/A $299 $339
Decolletage N/A $199 $239
½ Face N/A $179 $219
Miscellaneous Spots N/A From $95 From $115

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