We know that unwanted hair can impact your life and affect your confidence. Imagine never having to worry about losing your tweezers. Our clients now forget they even had to use them!

We want you to confidently look people in the eye instead of shying away for fear they’ll see your chin hairs sparkling in the sunlight. We want you to throw on your bikini with reckless abandon, not having to plan around waxing appointments or shaving marathons. We want you to share special moments with your partner without turning off the lights to hide unwanted hair.

This is your life and if hairy moments are holding you back, its time you gave us a call.

Back in the day, Laser Hair Removal is what we became famous for. Still we are unapologetically the best in Newcastle and dare we say it, the Hunter.

Our proven track record of safety is second to none and our results speak for themselves. In fact, so many people come to us after they’ve had treatments go wrong or end in disappointing results. Honestly, we’d love to save you time and money, so come to us first.

We are honest about your potential results and aren’t interested in taking your money if we don’t believe that laser is the right choice for you. (We will break it to you gently if laser isn’t going to work for you!)

We know that cost is a factor. We aren’t one of those cheap, bulk buy, bargain places. This is why we do complimentary consultations, so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

We don’t skimp on results, safety or quality and you can rest assured that your treatment plan will give you the best possible results.

Laser Vs IPL

What is the difference between IPL hair removal and LASER hair removal?

Laser is a very special type of light that has three characteristics separating it as the brightest, most powerful light created.

Laser light is monochromatic

This means nearly 100% of laser light is ONE pure colour. Intense pulse light (IPL) is NOT monochromatic, meaning that IPL has many different colours and only a small percentage of these colours are effective in the treatment of hair reduction.

Laser is collimated

It is slow to diverge or spread out. This makes laser light very powerful, as nearly 100% of the light can be effective in the treatment of hair reduction. IPL is NOT collimated and therefore is quick to spread out making it less targeted in the treatment of hair reduction.

LASER is coherent

meaning that the light is totally reinforcing and doesn’t cancel itself out whereas IPL is NOT coherent and is NOT reinforcing making it less effective in the treatment of hair reduction.

Clinical Studies have compared the effectiveness of LASER v’s IPL and we believe that LASER is far more effective at hair reduction than IPL.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) has its place in the cosmetic industry, as it is effective at removing some types of sun damage when used by competent, trained users. LASER stands alone as an effective treatment for hair reduction, vascular treatments and pigmentation caused by sun damage due to the nature of laser light wavelengths. Do your homework and don’t decide purely on price and promise. Ask questions about the type of equipment utilised and research if in doubt. The perceived benefit of a saving rapidly vanishes when you realise you have wasted time and money and in extreme cases risked complications associated with cheap laser treatment providers.

Our duty of care

In NSW, there are no regulations when it comes to using a laser or operating a laser business. This means that anybody can call themselves a laser therapist, regardless of their experience, their knowledge of skin or qualifications.

At Skintifix, as a part of our duty of care to you, we have chosen to follow interstate regulations on Laser Safety, where other state governments have enforced high standards to follow, ensuring your safety when undergoing laser treatments. So it’s not just about being a beauty therapist, using a laser safely, requires more than a beauty diploma.

Our duty of care

Each of our therapists are certified and qualified in Laser Safety and understands the physics of light and how these wavelengths interact with skin tissue to achieve a desired result. We are well aware of the risks involved with using high powered, Class 4 lasers and use our training, knowledge and years of experience to minimize these risks.

To ensure your safety, all of our treatment therapists are highly trained in dermal therapies and have a strong understanding of skin anatomy and physiology and know how to relate this to your laser treatments.

Using a laser safely requires education, experience and knowledge greater than what can be achieved simply by staff members, teaching fellow staff members, as employees come and go.

At Skintifix, We place great emphasis on seeking outside education with accredited training schools, not just once in our career but as a regular and long-term commitment to always providing you with the very best of care.

To further ensure your safety, at Skintifix Your Skin Your Life, we have a nominated safety committee dedicated to:

  • Ensuring our equipment is in top, safe performing condition, checked and maintained to the highest standards on a daily basis.
  • Regular servicing and maintaining of our equipment using genuine parts for all internal mechanisms instead of cheap, non-genuine imports that compromise the efficacy of your laser treatment.
  • Making sure our rooms and treatment areas adhere to the highest standards for laser safety and your hygiene.
  • Regular ongoing training to ensure our knowledge of laser therapy standards is up to date.

How can you ensure your safety when looking for a laser clinic?

You as a client have every right to ask questions about the qualifications of your therapist and the experience that they have had.

A qualified therapist will welcome any questions and can confidently assist you in the process of deciding whether laser is right for your needs.

Before you begin your laser treatments, make sure you are given a complimentary consultation and test patch. Jumping straight into a laser treatment without first having a test patch could put you at risk of more adverse reactions and side effects.

Your consultation is an important part of your laser treatments

During your consultation your therapist will give you information on how to look after your skin before and after your laser treatments.

Even if you’ve had treatments elsewhere, we will still always go through our consultation process as our duty of care to you.

We’ve realised that not all laser providers cover everything you need to know in order to have safe treatments and effective results so our consultation put’s us both on the same page with expectations and results.

It is important that you let us know if you are taking any medications or supplements as these can influence your treatments and affect how the laser works on your skin. We will discuss the best course of treatments for your needs, assess and measure your skin colour before proceeding to a test patch. We will also be able to give you the most accurate quote for your personal treatment needs.

What is involved with a laser test patch?

A test patch to the areas you wish to treat should be undertaken before you commence your laser treatments. Depending on your skin type, the time between having a test patch and beginning your treatments can vary from 24 hours up to two-three weeks.

Why wait?

When we do a test patch, we are looking for how your skin responds to laser and to indicate any potential side effects that could occur. These side effects may not be evident until a few days up to a few weeks later.

A test patch also gives you the opportunity to see how the laser feels and experience the treatment without making an on the spot, rushed decision.

If you are considering laser hair removal, we invite you to experience Skintifix for a complimentary, no obligation consultation.


Q: Do you use laser or IPL and what is the difference?

A: We only use genuine Candela Lasers for your treatments, not IPL. Experience shows that when combined with highly trained therapists, your results with our lasers are outstanding.

Our lasers operate at the optimal hair removal wavelength of 755nm to target the hair follicle.

Q: Is laser hair removal painful?

A: You will be able to feel the treatment but it should not be any more uncomfortable than waxing, in fact most of our clients tell us that laser is more comfortable, and quicker than waxing.

If you are unsure, please arrange a complimentary consultation and test patch so you can feel the laser on your skin and decide if it’s right for you.

Q: Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

A: Laser does not work on blonde, red, grey, white or very light hair colours. If your hair is a combination of these colours, laser will not work for you. Laser works best for clients with light skin and dark hair. With our experience, we can safely treat clients with darker skin types so please book a consultation so we can discuss your needs.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Our clients generally achieve 80-90% reduction within 6-8 treatments. The “uniqueness of you” is a factor that will determine the number of treatments you require. Factors affecting your results include hereditary conditions, ethnicity, hormonal concerns, medications, lifestyle factors etc. We do our best to achieve results but ultimately your body will determine how many treatments you will need.

Q: Will my results be permanent?

A: Your body is covered in millions of dormant hair follicles. While these follicles are dormant, the laser will not treat them. Over your lifetime, these follicles may be stimulated to begin producing hair. Our clients will often finish their course of treatments and return every 6-12 months for a top up treatment on any new growth.

Q: Why are some clinics more expensive than others?

Cheaper does not equal better. To offer a safe, effective treatment giving you outstanding results requires a partnership of:

• Exceptionally trained, highly experienced laser therapists

• Top of the line laser equipment

• Safe laser practices and compliance to safety regulations

• Hygienic cleaning of laser consumables between each client

• Regular servicing and maintenance of the laser to ensure calibration is true and effective

To provide exceptionally high standards costs money. To offer a ‘cheaper than chips’ treatment means compromising somewhere along the line, something that we simply cannot do whilst still maintaining integrity and providing you with the very best and safest treatment.

Q: I had a blister from another salon and they told me this was normal. Is this true?

A: Generally speaking, there is a risk of these things happening with any heat- based treatments, but it should not be happening so regularly as to call it a “normal” reaction. Make sure the clinic or salon you’ve chosen have a proven track record of safety and invest in a high level of staff training.

You as the client also have the responsibility of following pre and post care treatment protocols, as this will ensure your skin is well prepared for the treatment and reduce your risk of any more severe side effects.