Qi Beauty Home Kit STRIP x PATCH

Qi beauty Home Kit STRIP x PATCH. Qi strips offer fast application in the areas you need it most - brow lines, frown lines, eye lines, lip lines.

The instant higher gradients of the STRIP makes for instant levitation, and easy application.


Where to use the strips:

  • Directly into brow lines

  • Along the hairline to pull upwards

  • Along the nasolabiao fold to plump and soften

  • The Triangle of Levitation

  • Along the lip line to plump and hydrate

  • Drainage and decongesting lymphatics


In the Box


One sheet contains:

22 Strips of 3 micro magnet: use on eyes, naso-labial line, frown lines, cheeks, lips

11 Strips of 5 micro magnet: use on brow, hairline, frown lines, neck, decollate



- 5 sheets of single patch micro-magnets

- 5 sheets of strips

- One 7ml refillable spritz

- Instructions

- Vegan pouch